TNT Family Farm

Co-founders Greg Tomko and Linda Thompson started TNT Family Farm in 2008 inspired by a vision of health, abundance, self-sufficiency and sustainability.  They imagined a farm that would thrive and provide nutritious food for their family, extended family and others in good and not-as-good times.  Overall a welcoming place where people would know that they could always live and eat well even if the presently abundant society dramatically changed.  

The food grown at TNT Family Farm is cultivated naturally, free of chemicals, pesticides and hormones.  Nothing grown here has its origin in or from genetically modified organisms (GMO).  TNT Family Farm animals live well before fulfilling their purpose as food.  Animals are treated humanely, have space to freely and safely roam, forage off the land and also are provided with hearty, natural feed that promotes their good health and therefore, the quality of their meat.  

Growing up Linda was influenced by her grandparents’ farm lifestyle.  Her grandfather was a horticulturist who used every opportunity to teach Linda about growing things – both for food and for beauty.  He sold his flowers to commercial florists and often gave tours of his pristinely landscaped property and orchid-filled greenhouses.  The iris's sold each fall at TNT Family Farm are descendants from his stock.  Memories of the fresh and flavorful home-grown food inspire TNT Family Farms gardens and recipes today.  

Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Arizona State University.  She began her career in nutrition as a Certified Lactation Consultant, and later earned a Masters of Health Service Administration inspired by her interest in women’s and children’s health.  Linda enjoyed a fulfilling career in nonprofit health and human services and education-focused philanthropy.  During this time she also became a Gallup-certified Clifton Strengths coach and championed an organization-wide strengths-based approach.  Now retired from a formal career, Linda practices as an independent strengths coach under the business name Fx5 Journey, LLC ( and enjoys a natural lifestyle life on a hobby farm.  She enjoys the farm animals, gardening, the outdoors, baking, cooking, reading, running, hiking and biking, traveling in an RV and, most of all, spending time with family - spouse Greg and grandchildren at the top of the list!  

Greg is passionate about creative projects that involve working with his hands and building things from the ground up.  Designing and building raised beds, maintaining watering systems, competing with the birds for ripening fruit, improving animal habitats, running electricity for fans and lights, and general maintenance of the farm acreage are Greg’s farming focus.  His farming expertise includes humane livestock and poultry meat harvesting as well as meat smoking.  

Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.  He is an active PMI Certified project manager.  Greg provides cross-industry project management for Fx5 Journey, LLC clients ( of any scope and scale. He enjoys traveling in the RV, riding his motorcycle, crafting gifts and custom creations in his woodworking shop (, classic and current movies, American history, the outdoors, hiking and biking, reading, and, most of all, spending time with family - spouse Linda and grandchildren at the top of the list!  

Linda and Greg are active parishioners at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Gilbert.