In America’s overly processed and fast food culture the majority of flavor, texture and nutrition are lost. Imagine instead, sourcing the full flavor of a home grown heirloom tomato, a spicy hot onion, or the earthy rich flavor of a beet that has just been pulled from the ground. In the commercial world, vegetables are typically stored for 7 to 9 months! The difference in flavor is overwhelming when you source local and freshly harvested produce. TNT Family Farm offers a ready seasonal supply of locally grown produce and specialty meats for your unique food designs.


Nutritious foods, freshness and sustainability are key motivators in offering TNT Family Farm products to local chef’s and independent restaurateurs." said Linda Thompson, Co-Founder of TNT Family Farms

Following is an in-depth overview of our products:

Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs are extremely good for you, have numerous benefits and can take any dish from good to great. At TNT Family Farm we take great pride in the herbs that we grow and offer some of the top selling Herbs in the culinary Herb category. The high quality fresh Herbs that we currently grow and harvest are mint, basil and cilantro.

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TNT Family Farm harvests fresh, colorful and flavor packed produce. The beauty of local produce is that the fruits and vegetables travel a fraction of the distance as commercially grown produce and they maintain their appearance, taste and nutrients without any bioengineering. A major selling point for restaurants, add terms like farm-fresh or locally grown to the description on the menu and watch these meals virtually fly out of the kitchen. Local foods also allow restaurants to be more creative with their menu, adapting to the seasons and availability. At TNT Family Farm we offer a wide variety of fresh produce such as tomatoes, squash, onions, peppers, peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lemons, grapefruit and much more and you simply can’t beat the taste.

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Farm fresh eggs are rich in flavor, taste delicious and have gorgeous orange yolks. At TNT farms we raise a variety of Hens including Rhode Island Reds, Red Stars and Barred Rock that produce brown eggs only. All of our hens are treated humanely and roam freely, forage off the land for fresh grass and insects and are fed hearty natural feed that promotes good health. Please visit the “Shop Our Products” page to learn more about our farm fresh eggs.

Please visit the “Shop Our Products” page to learn more about our farm fresh eggs.


Although the most widely consumed red meat in the world, goat meat remains unique in American cuisine. Chevron – meat from a goat harvested between 8 and 10 months – is affordable, lean and tastes great! Contrary to common belief, Chevron does not taste gamey. It is domestically grown and fed eliminating gaminess. In fact, when asked about the taste of goat meat, familiar consumers will liken it to lamb.

Chevron is an excellent substitute for recipes that call for lamb and is a scrumptious addition for curry dishes. Ground goat can be used in any recipe that uses ground meat and goat tenderloin is a true specialty lightly sautéed or grilled and takes well to marinades.

Though typically harvested in the fall, chevron is generally available year-round at TNT Family Farm. All meat is vacuum sealed and frozen within 48 hours of processing.

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While duck may be more commonly understood as a source of meat, few restaurants offer duck on the standard menu or as a specialty item. Duck is similar to other poultry and easily compares to the dark meat of chickens and turkeys. It tends to produce more oil than similar meats. Duck is commonly used in Asian cuisines but lends itself to cooking processes and recipes commonly used for any poultry including roasting.

TNT Family Farm has locally bred and born duck available three to four times annually. Varieties include Cayuga Duck – one of only a handful of varieties with its origin in the US – and the more common Pekin variety.

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TNT Family Farms recently began an onsite turkey breeding project. We are growing and breeding Bronzed Breasted Turkeys, the original variety prior to the development of the Broad Breasted Bronze. This variety – unlike most commercial breeds broad-breast breeds – is bred naturally and does not experience the leg problems of the breeds modified for faster meat growth and production.

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Coming in 2017!

Rabbit is fast becoming a new favorite on the market due to its lean, delicately-flavored meat with the versatility of chicken. TNT Family Farm, is excited to announce that as of 2017, we will officially offer rabbit meat fresh or frozen, directly from the farm. The varieties, that will be grown and bread, include the New Zealand White and Californian. Rabbit will be available all year round and this light and tender meat is very versatile and easy to prepare.


For the freshest most flavorful ingredients in your seasonal or specialty dishes, consider purchasing our locally grown food. See the Our Products page for current availability and click Contact Us to learn more.