TNT Family Farm Products

TNT Family Farm is a hobby farm producing eggs, vegetables, fruits, and meats.  In addition, compost, iris, seeds and canned goods can be purchased.  The food grown at TNT Family Farm is cultivated naturally, free of chemicals, pesticides and hormones.  The majority of foods are heirlooms, though an occasional hybrid variety may be used.  Nothing grown at TNT Family Farm has its origin in or from genetically modified organisms (GMO).  Animals are treated humanely, have space to freely and safely roam, forage off the land and also are provided with hearty, natural feed that promotes their good health and therefor the quality of their meat.  

Other than eggs which are available year round, all products are seasonal and subject to availability.  Produce is generally harvested when you arrive for it, unless ripeness dictates earlier picking.  Your purchase is never more than 48 hours old.  


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Brown Eggs

Brown Eggs

Brown eggs laid here on the farm daily by Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Barred Rock Hens. Exact shade and size varies from hen to hen.

Season: All

Price: $5 / Dozen

Availability: Available


CliftonStrengths Inspirational Plaques

Greg Tomko in collaboration with Fx5 Journey, LLC and Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths coach, Linda Thompson, creates customized Strengths desktop, wall and book shelf products sold at TnT Family Farm Gifts on Etsy.


Book Binding Cradle

Binding signatures is easy with this sturdy, solid wood book binding cradle. Includes a back stop to keep pages from slipping, easily assembled for use, and can be disassembled for storage. This popular item is now available through the TnT Family Farm Gifts Etsy site.